Athletics Mission Statement

The Mission of the Athletic Department at Catholic Central School is founded on our belief that interscholastic athletics provides educational value for our students. Interscholastic athletics promotes character traits of high value which will lead to success later in life. These include the commitment to take one’s talents to the highest level of performance; embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards; learning to work with others in pursuit of a common goal; and adherence to codes of fair play, self-control and respect. Athletics will also play an important role in creating a sense of community in our school while creating a positive environment in which others wish to be a part of.

Core Values

  1. Develop student-athletes through teaching life lessons so that individuals and programs can reach the highest level of success.
  2. Maintain our responsibility to the school, our teammates, and ourselves through individual accountability and commitment to effort, fair play and self-control.
  3. Treat those around us with honor and represent the school in an exemplary manner at all times.
  4. Conduct ourselves and cooperate with others in a way that displays integrity, loyalty and faith.

Department Goals

  1. Provide student-athletes with the highest quality academic, athletic, social, and spiritual experience.
  2. Achieve competitive success in every program.
  3. Develop and maintain a strong inclusive environment which promotes equity, sportsmanship, compliance, and diversity.
  4. Develop and execute a campaign that communicates the message of the Athletic Program.
  5. Provide high quality leadership and management of interscholastic athletics.