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"Education is a matter of the heart."
-St. John Bosco

Teach. Pray. Love.

For over a century, Catholic Central School has provided an education for students built on Catholic values.  We continue this mission with our teachers and staff, knowing that behind every story of excellence is a team guided by extraordinary leadership.

A thriving educational environment is central to a vibrant and creative learning atmosphere, and we support our staff by providing programs aimed at their professional growth and well-being.  Fostering employee progress includes:

Professional Development: Ongoing training, workshops, seminars, and certifications enhance our staff’s teaching skills, subject knowledge, and pedagogy and help them stay updated with the latest educational practices.

Mentorship and Coaching: Pairing newer staff with experienced mentors foster their growth and help them navigate their roles effectively.

Career Advancement Opportunities: We provide avenues for career progression, leadership development, and opportunities for advancement within the school or diocese.

Creating a Supportive Environment: Cultivating a positive work culture where employees feel valued, heard, and respected is crucial. Open communication is at the core of our philosophy of collaboration and teamwork.

Resources and Tools: We equip our educators with resources, technological tools, and teaching aids to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom.


Please email your resume with a cover letter to Lily Spera at

Join us for our Centennial Open House on Sunday, November 5th @ 1pm!

Join us for our Centennial Open House on Sunday, November 5th at 1 pm!