Upper Elementary Grades 4-5

Our Upper Elementary Grades (4-6) at Catholic Central School are busy and challenging. Each class has a consistent schedule, which not only focuses on ELA and math, but also gives the students instruction in Religion, Science, Social Studies, and special content areas (Art, PE, Spanish, Music, and STEM).  The goal of the instruction for these grades is to prepare students academically, socially, spiritually, and physically for their journey into middle school and beyond.

Our students are supported by each of their teachers through differentiated instruction in all curriculum areas.  A typical day includes:

  • Small group/individual instruction 
    • Students read books that challenge their critical thinking skills, yet are based on their assed reading level
    • Peer collaboration to support students academically, as well as socially
    • Students engage in long-term projects, that include research and project development
  • Use of technology
    • Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board, and has access to iPads/tablets
    • Each student has a Dell Chromebook for academic purposes
  • Spiritual guidance
    • each day begins with prayer as a school community
    • Faith-based instruction is incorporated across all content areas throughout the day