Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions are designed to assist prospective families with some of their most common questions:

When is the expected opening?
Catholic Central School will open in September 2022.

Will North Colonie be handling special education?
Yes. St. Ambrose and the new Catholic Central School are located in the North Colonie Central School District, which is responsible for special education services.  Parents will need to request special education services from the North Colonie Central School District by June 1, 2022.

Will bussing be available?
Yes. Bussing will be available within a 15-mile radius and new bus runs will also be established.  Parents need to request bussing services from their home public districts by April 1, 2022.

Will there be a Regents curriculum? What other offerings?
Yes. Catholic Central High School has successfully taught the New York State Regents Examination standards and will continue to offer a rigorous academic program culminating in an Advanced Regents Diploma at commencement. The school will also offer Advanced Placement courses and exams, as well as University in the High School, which allows qualified students to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. 

How will the school be set up? Will elementary and high school students be together?
Students will share St. Ambrose School’s existing 20,500-square-foot building. Wings, multiple entrances, and pods of classrooms will enable administrators to keep the three distinct age groups — pre-k and kindergarten, grades 1-5, and grades 6-12 — separated and, when needed, allow for purposeful interaction and mentoring opportunities.

What sports and clubs will be offered?
Catholic Central offers more than 20 sports and currently competes in the Colonial Council. Before the onset of the COVID pandemic, St. Ambrose School was also active in CYO Athletics, the parish-based program that fosters Catholic values, sportsmanship and fair play. The school plans to rejoin CYO. Extracurricular opportunities and clubs will also be available to all Catholic Central School’s elementary and secondary school students.

Will there be different administrators for the lower and upper school?
Yes. Catholic Central School will have both an elementary and secondary school principal. 

If necessary, what is maximum class size?
Class sizes will be based on an appropriate student to teacher ratio at our varying grade levels. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis with existing families having the option to re-register before new or prospective families. 

Will elementary school tuition be less than middle and high school?
Yes. A tiered tuition structure will be implemented. Tuition rates and fees are being determined and will be published at the time of re-registration.  

Do you plan to offer enrollment incentives?
All tuition aid is based on a family's documented financial need. Students will also have opportunities to apply for merit-based scholarships. Additional incentives will be announced in the coming months.

How many students can the Latham building accommodate?
The current building footprint can comfortably accommodate 350 students with ample opportunities for expansion to accommodate additional student enrollment. 

Where will students be placed in the building?
Four dedicated wings will be used for each of the grade cohorts (Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, and 9-12) with multiple entrances.

Will you try to recruit additional students? Can a student only enter the school at certain grade levels?
Ongoing recruitment activities, including Open Houses, are being planned at the Latham location. Catholic Central School will afford families the option to enroll their children at any stage of their education accommodating the varying grade level configurations of any surrounding public or private school.

What safety and security measures will you have in place?
In addition to separate locations for Pre-K-5 and 6-12, automatic door locks and security cameras will be utilized. The school also has an emergency response plan and drills are practiced throughout the school year. Although connected, visitors to the parish building will not be able to access the school building.     

Is Catholic Central School contingent on the sale of CCHS?
No. Funds from the sale of the CCHS property will be put toward ongoing renovations of the Latham campus.  

Will the CCHS building be sold right away?
Although the CCHS building will be put on the market soon, we plan to retain ownership of the Monsignor Burns Gymnasium to allow for more flexibility in programming for athletic practices and competitions. 

Where will athletics take place during the transition year?
Partnerships have been established with area colleges, as well as private property owners. CCHS will also retain ownership and usage of the Monsignor Burns athletic building until it is sold.

Why didn’t the Diocese simply renovate the existing Catholic Central High School?
While the building is currently safe to occupy, an extensive engineering study completed in 2018 by Ryan Biggs Clarke Davis determined that there are significant long-term issues with the buildings that need to be addressed with a substantial cost. It is a much more prudent use of our funds to move to an expansive property where we have endless possibilities to build upon our vision for the future of Catholic education.

Also, the current location is not conveniently located within the Capital Region based upon the school districts from where Catholic Central students are coming. Additionally, the existing school property is not sufficient to host several team sports, while the Latham campus provides ample parking and space for field expansion.   

Will tuition remain the same for students at St. Ambrose and CCHS?  
Tuition will be determined after a combination of factors are taken into consideration.  It will be a priority for Catholic Central School to maintain competitive, affordable tuition for its families.  Similar modest annual increases are expected.

What will the uniforms look like?
During Catholic Central School’s transition year (2022-2023), students from St. Ambrose and CCHS will wear their existing school uniforms. A committee of interested constituents will then be established to make recommendations for a new school uniform that will be worn for the start of the 2023-24 academic year. 

Why should CCHS students consider moving to the new location?
Catholic Central High School presently draws from 23 school districts from Albany, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties. With easy access to the Northway, Route 7 and Route 9, the new 19-acre Latham campus will be even easier for families to access. Additionally, Catholic Central School, which is minutes away from Troy, will provide enhanced green space, increased safety, as well as opportunities for future campus upgrades.

How will parking be handled at Catholic Central School?
The St. Ambrose campus currently offers 300 parking spaces. Ample parking will be available for students, staff, and campus visitors of Catholic Central School.

Do you expect any staffing changes or layoffs?
Although there are no immediate plans for staff layoffs, as usual student enrollment dictates the level of staffing required. Certain economies of scale may also benefit the school moving forward which helps to keep tuition affordable. 

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